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November Themes:
Element of Metal (LI/LU)
Righteousness and grief
Elimination and Inspiration
Planet Rulership of Metal is Venus
Scorpio ruled by Pluto
White Tiger
Significant dates:
Oct 31 – Pluto crosses the ecliptic (evolutionary overdrive) last time 1931, next in 2179
Nov 1 – Jupiter (in Scorpio) trine Chiron (in Pisces) water trine, expanded healing and           
Nov 6 – Uranus Retrograde (changing signs from Taurus to Aries until March 6, 2019) US
Nov 7 – New Moon in Scorpio
Nov 8 – Jupiter in Sagittarius (changing signs from Scorpio) till December 3, 2019
Nov 8 – Sedna Retrograde 27˚ 16˚ Taurus till March 28, 2019 (based upon Swiss Ephemeris
Nov 11 – 11:11:11 Prosperity Portal through November 22, 2018
Nov 16 – Venus Direct (in Libra) what we value, love & creativity flow easier on all levels
Nov 16 – Mercury Retrograde (in Sagittarius) till December 6, 2018 (Scorpio)
Nov 22 – Full Moon (Gemini/Sagittarius)
Nov 24 – Neptune Direct (in Pisces) on Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25 – 27 Sun, Mercury, Jupiter conjunction (bringing in more expansion of prosperity  
Nov 28 – Jupiter in Sagittarius semi-square Pluto in Capricorn
Nov 30 – Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries
In November we enter the astrological time of Scorpio (October 22 – November 21), ruled by the planet Pluto, (in ancient time Mars).  During this time we are influenced by the Element of Metal, the season of Fall, the time of Harvest, with the organs of the LI and LU, and the planet Venus in 5 Element Theory.
Remembering that Pluto themes represent our transformative energy, our power, our oldest patterns and our deepest fears, lest not forget that Pluto is our opportunity and willingness to  choose to look within and do our inner-work.  With the transformative abilities of Pluto at play, we can experience tumultuous events in our lives, major or mini personal earthquakes, break-ups and/or breakthroughs to a new reality that our consciousness is asking us to grow towards.  When we do our Pluto work willingly, oftentimes we get to dig deep and reap the treasure chest of inner rewards. 
And with Pluto crossing our ecliptic on October 31, 2018, we are being asked to trust the changes of evolution even if they seem outrageously bizarre and not to get pulled into the collective drama.  Remember that chaos produces order and opportunities of evolutionary portals  are created that would not exist if it weren’t for the chaos. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality more instantaneously than ever.  This is an amazing time to be clear on what our intentions are, keep our focus and avoid distractions at all cost.  Staying present in the heart and choosing love are more important now as we leap through Jump Time.
During November, the time of Scorpio, on an emotional level look for issues where we feel the need to be right, or to be included, as well as grief that is unresolved or activated.  This can be grief on a collective level as we witness unprecedented change on our planet.  On a physical level, look for mental imbalances, sinus issues, allergies and lung sensitivities. It is truly a time to come from the heart and not to be in the illusion of separateness or fear.
This is a great time to access the Chong Channel with Pluto intervals to assist in changing patterns at the blood root.  Consider opening the Chong with Pluto/Neptune 5th, Pluto/New Moon 5th or Pluto/Uranus 5th depending upon your intention. Follow with the appropriate intervals for dissolving and healing patterns and ending with the New Story of Sun/Nibiru 5th.  Consider using Pluto 5ths with opening the microcosmic orbit of the Ren Mai and Du Mai as well and ending with Ohm Octave for a fuller coming into balance or Sedna Octave allowing for a fuller expansion of Unity Consciousness.  Consider using Pluto/Chiron 2nd, Chiron/Nibiru minor 2nd and mid-Nibiru/high frequency Sedna minor 6th (bridging) on Bladder 11 to assist our DNA and RNA for an upgrade!  Treating 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra issues during this time of Pluto ruling Scorpio is a great time for assisting clients with dealing with their shadow issues and coming into right alignment with their power.  Consider using Pluto intervals followed by Chiron on the chakras.  For empowerment, consider using Sun/Pluto on the umbilicus.
Treatment strategies for transitioning through the season of Fall and for the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th, include Cycle Gate with Pluto/New Moon 5th, the New Moon fork on LU 1 and Pluto on LIV 14.  Follow with Sedna/New Moon 6th interval to take these new beginning to a new paradigm.  Consider strengthening ST 25, Celestial Pivot and SP 6, Three Yin Intersection, during this season as well. Follow the same sequence on the Full Moon, November 22, using Cycle Gate with Pluto/Full Moon 6th, for bringing to fullness what our souls are here for at this time, followed by Sedna/Full Moon 7th to bring that fullness into the new paradigm.
Commencing with transformative energy of Pluto crossing the ecliptic, on October 31, November continues with a plethora of planetary alignments ranging from Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, where it is exalted, offering us an opportunity to restore our trust, faith, seek truth and abundance; to 3 planets moving retrograde (Uranus, Sedna and Mercury), offering us an opportunity to rethink, research, review, restructure & realign; and 2 moving direct (Venus and Neptune), allowing us to move forwards in some area concerning these two planetary bodies.
And to keep us spinning in alignment with the times, we have an amazing window of opportunity from November 11 (11:11:11) through November 22 (11 days) to create material and spiritual prosperity!
On the first of November, Jupiter in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces.  This is an opportune time for healing and transformation.  Trines in astrology allow for easy flow of energy.  Consider using Low Jupiter/mid Pluto 5th with opening the 8 extras followed by all 3 levels of Chiron/Neptune 4th.
Consider using Low Jupiter/ Mid Chiron 6th on ST 40, Abundant Splendor, for abundant healing of the mind, body & spirit.
On election day in the US, November 6, be ready for unexpected changes politically as well as planetarily as Uranus turns retrograde moving back into Aries until March 6, 2019.  Retrograde periods are times to rethink and reassess.  To assist in stuck energy moving quickly, consider using Low Uranus/Mid Mars 5th for opening the 4 gates (LI 4, Joining Valley and Liv 3, Great Rushing). Consider following with Zodiac/Uranus 3rd for a more gentle dispersement of Uranus energy.
On November 8, expansive Jupiter moves from Scorpio into it’s ruling sign of Sagittarius.  This is
an opportune time for things to get easier and the wind to be behind your back.  Consider using Sun/Jupiter 5th for expanding consciousness with BL 10, Celestial Pillar and BL 60, Kunlun Mountain (the place of the Tao and the tiger spirit). Consider the same interval the 3 treasures or for ST 40, Abundant Spendor, for expanding the body, mind, spirit connection.  With Sedna turning retrograde on November 8, consider following the above interval with Sedna/Jupiter 5th to bring expansive Jupiter a new paradigm of unity consciousness.
On November 11, 2018 (11:11:11; November the 11th month of the year, 11th day of the month and 2018 adding up to be 11 in numerology; 2 + 1 + 8 = 11) some sources suggest that a portal of energy will descend upon earth allowing for 11 days of manifesting prosperity.
The energy that is coming through the 11:11 portal will amplify our consciousness.  Those who are in a positive timeline will have an increase in positive experiences.  Those who are following a path of negativity will amplify that course of direction.
The element of Metal has long been associated with alchemy and alchemy is the transformational process of becoming gold, a treatment strategy to consider for this prosperity portal is the Cosmic Capstone with Mercury/ Nibiru 3rd for integrating the alchemical and transformational process of becoming gold and owning our God/Goddess selves.  Follow with Sedna/Jupiter 5th for opening our consciousness to new paradigms and ending with Mid Sedna/High Frequency Zodiac 11th for integrating and expanding into unity consciousness during the Age of Aquarius.  Any 3 of these intervals can be used independently as well.  You can also consider using one of all 3 levels of the Mercury Nibiru 3rd, Sun/Jupiter 5th (abundance) or Sedna/Jupiter 5th.
On November 24th, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we have another significant astrological alignment with Neptune turning Direct. It does not occur again until May 17, 2023.  Any time an outer planet changes direction, we will most likely feel it in the collective.  Neptune is in Pisces in it’s house of rulership.  As we reflect on what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving, may we also reflect upon who we are as spiritual beings on planet earth and what is our spiritual destiny.
For those who are spiritually bankrupt, these times will be most challenging for them.  Consider using Ohm/Neptune 5th on BL 10, Celestial Pillar and BL 60, Kunlun Mountain allowing for
Connection to spirit.  Consider using Ohm/Neptune 5th with any of the Windows To The Sky Points.
With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct on November 25th, continue with the prosperity
Treatment strategy used for 11:11  with Sun/Jupiter 5th and Mercury/Nibiru 3rd.
With Jupiter in Sagittarius semi-squaring Pluto in Capricorn, semi-squares are half of a square or 45 degrees that can be an area of frustration. Consider using Pluto/Jupiter 4th on the Balio, to bring forwards an any areas of frustration or stagnation that need to be released, followed by Zodiac/Jupiter 3rd to expand the release.  A treatment strategy for Jupiter semi- squaring Pluto, might include UB 10, Celestial Pillar and UB 60, Kun Lun Mountain (the place of the Tao and the tiger spirit) with Pluto/Jupiter 4th followed with Jupiter/Venus 3rd to bring forth your spiritual destiny through the heart. 
With Pluto in Capricorn until November 19, 2024, we have the opportunity personally to claim our authenticity.  Who do we choose to be at this time on the planet?  Are we walking our talk?  Are we in alignment with all of our personal systems on a physical, emotional and spiritual level? Are we following our evolutionary destiny?  Good time to clean out the cosmic closet so we can fill it with all we are meant to be.
For our final installation, consider Cosmic Tuning with Sedna on Du 23, Upper Star to reset the axis mundi with a new paradigm, Pluto/Jupiter 4th on St 25, Celestial Pivot or Middle Star, allowing ourselves to be in the void, having faith for a new expanded consciousness and lastly, Venus/Jupiter 3rd on SP 8, Lower Star, seizing the opportunities of Earth, or Lower Star, to bring and expand heart energies with hope and faith for claiming a more harmonic and peaceful journey on Earth through unity and heart consciousness. May this installation allow you to continue your precious walk on Planet Earth birthing the World you are choosing to co-create through love, faith, harmony, joy, peace and ABUNDANCE, as we all work together to remember that we are spiritual beings in human form on the path to find God.   The Universe is within us and our evolving consciousness is essential for a positive timeline for the outcome of our destiny as a humanity and ...............
LOVE is always the answer.

<![CDATA["The Dance between the Moon, Sun & Sedna, Water, Fire & Ether;]]>Fri, 29 Jun 2018 06:00:00 GMThttp://tierracantabaja.com/blog/the-dance-between-the-moon-sun-sedna-water-fire-etherComprehending our Universe beyond our Earthly Duality through the Path of the Open Heart with Unconditional Love.
“Those who follow the clockwise path are governed by the changes of Yin and Yang.  Those that take the reverse path, however, will be able to walk in the void.”
 - Tao-hsuan p’ien

5 Element Theory of Fire Element Themes:
South, Summer, Heat, Red, Laughter, Blood Vessels, Wizard, Spirit, Warmth and Enthusiasm, Transcend Ordinary Existence
Meridians:  Heart/Small Intestine, Pericardium, San Jiao
Emotion:  happiness & joy (balanced), panic & hysteria (excess), withdrawl & depression, (diminished)
Stress Response:  Fall Apart, Feeling Overwhelmed, Losing Balance
Greatest Virtue:  Living in the Now
Planet Rulership:  Mars, Sun, Jupiter
White Tiger or Green Dragon
Significant Dates:
Cancer  (June 21 – July 22)
Leo        (July 23 – August 23)
New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse – July 12, 10:47 pm EST, 20 degrees 41’ Cancer
Rare Planetary Alignment with the Sun – Starting July 19, 2018
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – July 27, 4:20 pm EST, 4 degrees 44’ Aquarius
Planetary Aspects:
7/5  -   Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Oppose Mars
7/8  -   Sun Trine Neptune
7/9  -   Mercury Square Jupiter
*7/10 - Jupiter Direct
7/11  - Venus Trine Uranus
*7/12 - Sun Oppose Pluto
*7/12 - New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, 20 degrees Cancer
7/14  -  Venus Trine Saturn
*7/19 - First Quarter Moon in Libra with Rare Planetary Alignment of all    
               Planets on one side of the Sun
7/22  -  Venus Sextile Jupiter
7/24  -  Venus Oppose Neptune
7/25  -  Sun Square Uranus (Change)
*7/26 -  Mercury Retrograde
*7/27 - Sun Oppose Mars
*7/27 - Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, 4 degrees Aquarius
*7/27 - Venus Trine Pluto
As we embrace our Kronos time line of June through July, our Sun moves from the constellation of Cancer, ruled by the watery Moon (June 21 – July 23) entering into it’s rulership of Warm Hearted Leo, (July 23 – August 23).
With the Summer Solstice on June 21 heralding us into the Summer Season, the element of Fire, we end the month of June with our fiery planet Mars going retrograde on June 26 lasting through August 27, 2018.  When a planet goes retrograde, we are asked to review the qualities and archetypes of that particular planet in relationship to other planetary alignments that are affected by that planet. 
The month of July offers up two eclipses, with a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th opposing Pluto, (the planet of transformation and evolution) asking us, “how do we need to nurture our hearts and our hearts path? Allowing us to evolve to our soul’s purpose at this moment in time.  And with the end of July’s New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse opposing Mars Retrograde, we can expect this particular Lunar Eclipse to activate our planet’s emotions around Social Justice issues allowing us to choose either conflict and aggression, or righteous anger and love channeled into activism, with the compassion of the Buddha.  As I write this article, Americans across the US are choosing to march for “Families Belong Together” in over 500 cities and in front of the White House.
Planetary alignments help humanity evolve.  July proves to be a potent month filled with loads of action with the fiery trio of the Sun, Jupiter and Mars.  Perhaps they are assisting us in igniting our internal fires, our divine spark, our Numinous, asking us to heed rightful action during this time of unprecedented change. 
In 5 Element Theory, when the element of Fire is in balance, we are happy, joyful and engaged in enthusiastic, loving kind-hearted actions and social connections.  When Fire is diminished, there is lack of enthusiasm, depression.  When in excess, there is hyper-excitability, restlessness, and aggressivity.  With the eruption of over 36 volcanoes on earth at this moment in time, and Hawaii’s momentous Kilauea eruption, Pele, the Goddess of Fire, and the element of Fire, is present in our consciousness.  This active volcanic eruption phase is a recurring cycle on our beloved Mother Earth.  Perhaps she is allowing us to witness the element of Fire on Earth and within ourselves, in excess, to examine our actions, asking each one of us to seek balance and refuge within the being-ness of our hearts?
Highlights for July’s Astrology commence on July 5 with the Sun Trine Jupiter, to 5 days later on July 10,  Jupiter stationing direct, and two days later on the 12th, a Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer opposing Pluto, to a rare planetary phenomena where the planets align to one side of the sun on July 19, to Mercury retrograde on July 26, with the grand planetary finale on July 27, with the Sun Opposing retrograde Mars, and Mars opposing the New Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.
The rare planetary alignment that we will witness on earth on July 19, has not happened in over 20 years.  The alignment is when all the planets are located on the right side of the sun, within 180 degrees on one side.  Historically, this has only happened 6 times in the last 120 years. This unique planetary arrangement will occur over weeks through September 1, with Mercury taking us out of the alignment, followed by Venus and the Earth.  Going back 120 years, this similar alignment occurred in 1998, 1982, 1953, 1944, 1942 and 1917. A common denominator during each of these planetary arrangements, with the exception of 1998, the Earth experienced an increase in volcanic eruptions.  Globally, 36 volcanic eruptions are currently occurring with the possibility of moving into more volcanic activity from now till September.  You can monitor this alignment with the App:  Cosmographia.
Because we have two eclipses the month of July, which the ancients claim are harbingers of change, and we have such an unusual rare planetary alignment that may possibly increase the instability of our Earth, I’d like to suggest that the treatment strategies for this month focus on treating the heart, balancing the element of Fire, allowing us to be in the unknown and vibrating in sympathetic resonance of the loving heart.  This may be easier said than done for those who may not have a reference point for this.  Still, the suggestions below will aid in balance, relaxation, expansion and DNA reformatting. 
Strategy suggestions revolve around grounding, resetting our Axis Mundi to Sedna, shifting our nervous system from sympathetic (stress response), to para-sympathetic (relaxation response), with treating the Huato Jaiji’s and the Bailiou, nourishing and balancing the yin and yang of the heart through the Mountain of Balance Points with Sedna, the Moon and the Sun, as well as nourishing the heart chakra, through the Yin Wei Mai, and allowing us to walk the world with an open heart and expanded sacred geometry shield of protection with the Cosmic Capstone.
Suggested Intervals:
Sedna/Full Moon minor 7th
Sedna/Sun minor 8th
Sedna Octave
Treatment strategies:
The Three Treasures  
Ren Mai and Du Mai
Yin Wei Mai
Mountain of Balance Points
Nourish BL 11
Juato Jaoji and Baliou
Cosmic Capstone
Treatment Strategies for Three Treasures:  
Ohm Octave
Full Moon 6th
Solar 7th
Followed by
Sedna Octave
Sedna/Sun minor 8th
Sedna/Moon minor 7th
Consider ending your installation on Ren 17 with an intuitive Planetary 5th of your choosing to assist with opening the heart chakra.
Chiron/Venus 5th
Sun/Jupiter 5th
Sedna/Jupiter 5th
Choose intervals utilizing the Sun, Moon and Sedna, to your discretion, with the above treatment strategies focusing on empowering the path of the heart.
Remembering we are the people of the Shao Yang, has never been so present with us as now. With Jump Time upon us, where, what and how shall we jump? How shall we travel in the void?  What rightful action is necessary for our humanity to choose in this moment?  Will we choose a timeline of love, unity in community, humanitarianism, peace, harmony, love, joy & understanding for humankind?  Or will we stand by witnessing the dramas unfold, paralyzed like a deer in headlights, or worse yet, participating in them?  The Hopi believe that Earth prayers and ceremony will help us with a smooth and less intense transition during The Great Purification.
This hour is NOW, and more than ever are we being asked to hold our center, stay grounded, be in and honor nature, meditate, chant, sing, pray, hold ceremony for the Earth, with our compass pointing to Spirit, staying in connection with the universal flow of love through the Planetary tones of Acutonics, and claiming our responsibility for the Earth with leadership from our open loving hearts.
Out beyond ideas, there is a field of love & harmony……
Out beyond ideas, WE SHALL MEET US THERE